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Pearlescence with Iriodin®

Iriodin PigmentSilver-white Iriodin® pigment

Iriodin® is the classic pearlescent pigment. It is usually based on the natural mineral mica. This finely ground mineral can be added as a colorless powder to coatings and printing inks, as well as plastics. It is made up of minute mica platelets that have been coated with an extremely thin layer of metal oxides (titanium dioxide or iron (III) oxide).

How is a typical effect produced?

The coating of the pigment dictates the type of effect.
If the coating is titanium dioxide, the result is silver-white with a soft luster similar to pearls and mother-of-pearl. This is why such pigments are called pearlescent.
If the thickness of the titanium dioxide layer is increased the effect becomes stronger. If the coating is a metal oxide, an interference effect is created. Light is refracted at three places on the particle: the top, bottom and metal oxide layer. An incorporated color shines in all the colors of the rainbow.
If the substrate is coated with iron oxide in addition to titanium dioxide, the color of the pigment becomes more intense and shows gold nuances from red to green. If the coating consists only of iron oxide, it leads to red and bronze-colored effects.

Finer pigment particles create a silky luster and have high hiding power; larger pigment particles glitter and are very brilliant. The nature of the material to be printed is critical. A smooth surface generates a more intense effect; the matte surface minimizes glare and improves the effect.



Since Iriodin® effect pigments are semitransparent; the use of different colored primers makes it possible to achieve individual colors. The appearance depends on the viewing angle, resulting in a continually changing impression. All the effect pigments mentioned can be combined with other coloring agents.

Record is:

  • All Iriodin® pigments combine one pearlescent color with up to two colors.
  • We offer Iriodin® products based on natural mica, synthetic mica and silicon dioxide.
  • Products are available in a range of particle sizesso you can select the pigment best suited to the application at hand

Color your World with Orange®

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Iriodin Icy White

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